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Are you an expat who’s (temporarily) living and working in The Netherlands? Are you looking for a new car, but don’t have the time to find out which one suits you best? Picking out the perfect car can be a very time consuming job, especially if you don’t have knowledge of the important specifications to look out for. We understand that not everyone is familiar with the technical specifications that (expat) cars have. That is why we, the BMW specialist in Brabant, are more than happy to assist you in your search for the perfect car. We are able to offer assistance on various aspects: giving advice on which car suits you best, supporting in the search for your perfect car and even selling your old car if necessary. Feel free to contact us by telephone, email or via the contact form, so we can look for the possibilities together!

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Professional delivery and customized warranty

Quality and transparency are of paramount importance to us. As a BMW specialist, we attach great value to the relationship with our customers. That is why we deliver all our vehicles at all times at no extra cost with a Dutch license plate and name, a full tank of Shell V-power fuel, a minimum of six months no maintenance, a service and inspection according to the manufacturer’s schedule and a new or at least eight months valid MOT. In addition, you also benefit from an in-house warranty. The confidence in our offer is so great that we supply all expat cars with a maximum age of 17.5 years, up to a mileage of 175,000 kilometers and above a purchase value of € 10,000, including a warranty of three months. This means that if one or more mechanical parts in the gearbox or engine unexpectedly break down, you will receive an overhaul or exchange part for free. This way you are assured of a new car of real quality and we are assured of satisfied customers!

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Expat cars

Tailored advice for the expat cars that suit you best

Do you have trouble determining which car suits you best? It’s important to consider several aspects when buying a new car. Think for example of the right price, motorization, year of construction and additional costs. Thanks to our many years of experience in the field we not only have a lot of contacts within the industry, but also the knowledge and expertise to be able to make the right choice together with you. Would you like an extended warranty? In that case we work together with the warranty insurance of Autotrust, with whom the necessary maintenance can be carried out throughout Europe.

Why buy expat cars from Driving Passion?

If you would like to buy a car from our range of exclusive expat cars, you are assured of excellent quality. We also offer the option of including a warranty insurance that matches the exclusivity and quality of the car. An accessible and pleasant way of doing business, intensive control of all vehicles and maximum transparency are our top priorities. This way you can always count on honest advice and expertise of the highest level. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions and/or comments!

The following page is only available in Dutch: exclusieve auto’s kopen.

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